Online gallery reveals the ways parents have trolled their children

It is well known that parents are experts when it comes to embarrassing their youngsters, however, these mums and dads really take the biscuit.

A hilarious new online gallery compiled by has revealed the very creative ways parents have trolled their unsuspecting children.

In these cases it seems that nothing is too much effort with one family assembling in full fancy dress to meet their daughter at the airport.

Elsewhere adults are more than happy to remind their children who pays for the wifi, changing the password until they have completed their chores.

And then there are those who openly mock their offspring including one mum and dad who meticulously recreate their daughter’s selfies.

Whether they make you laugh or cringe, these photos are sure to serve as a reminder that mother (and father) knows best!

A hilarious new online gallery showcases the creative ways parents troll their children including one family wore fancy dress costumes to meet their daughter at the airport

A father set his children a challenge of completing all their chores in order to have access to their gadgets and the wifi password

This happy baby gadgets for dads is completely unaware of the obscenity their parents have spelled out  

One teen was less than impressed when her dad recreated an iconic Star Wars scene when collecting her from the airport  

One parent achieved the illusion of their child being trapped in a phone by using a photograph taken against a window

One child was unimpressed with his father’s rather literal take on a remote control car on his birthday

After her knife snapped one mother couldn’t help but play a little prank on her offspring

A father had spent ages searching for his sons in a department store only to find they had assembled by the mannequins — and so he decided to join them

One baby was terrified after parents placed a horse mask on the family dog

A teenager asked their mum for a cool bookmark, and she happily obliged with a photo of herself  

A mother and father had fun spoofing their son’s Facebook photograph 

A toddler was given a party with the theme of a man from a local personal injury advert

One horrified teen awoke to discover their parents had built an extraordinarily tall snowman directly outside their window

One mother recreated her son’s signature look as her Halloween costume including his beard

After discovering that their toddler had nodded off in a rather unusual position these parents had a little fun adding props to the scene 

A father mocked his daughter having her phone confiscated by drawing a text conversation 

Another father who was left in stitches when his son was attacked by a monkey turned the experience in to a postcard much to his dismay 

A set of parents chose to take family photos with their dog after the children refused to participate

One person was given a task by their father to test the mail system and was promised a reward

One man pranked his children by replacing mayonnaise with vanilla pudding and eating straight from the jar

Creative parents offered their children’s teachers bottles of wine with a label featuring their son’s face 

One father used his height to his advantage by chauffeuring his daughter in her barbie car 

A disabled Walking Dead fan was gifted a rather cutting t-shirt by their mother 

One daughter was speechless after her mother sent a series of photos with topless men


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